27 July 2009

Bee Gaik Dining Place & Buffet Catering

We've seen this restaurant in Ipoh Garden South many times as we drive around the neighbourhood. Name sounds so Hokkien. So we decided to try it.

For dinner, we ordered the Assam Curry Fish Slices (they were out of fish head), Tung Po Yuk (braised fatty pork), bean sprouts fried with salted fish and golden bean curd. Prices of their dishes have all gone up, as can be seen from their menu where the old prices have been pasted over with new ones. Bee Gaik staff said they couldn't keep the prices as before on account of rising pork prices and everything else. Even with falling oil prices, food prices continue to rise and the government can't do anything about that (?).

The curry fish was delicious and I soaked my rice with the curry sauce. My hubby said my plate looked like some Indian rice! The bean sprouts were good and the salted fish fried till crispy - can't go wrong with Ipoh-grown bean sprouts! The braised fatty pork was tender and juicy with lots of gravy to dip the plain white buns that came with the dish.

While the restaurant is rather cramped, and noisy (all the chatter bounces off walls), the food was good and pricing reasonable. My children still like 1919 better, but we'll go back to Bee Gaik to try out their other dishes.


  1. Bee Gaik is the name of my good friend's mom and she's the owner of this restaurant :) She's Hokkien and a great cook :)


  2. Maybe see you in Bee Gaik one of these days :)