06 September 2009

Cow Head Protest, Hindu Temple Plan Shelved

It is reported that the controversial decision to relocate a Hindu temple from Section 19 to Section 23 in Shah Alam, which led to a protest where a severed cow head was used and abused, has been temporarily shelved by the Selangor State Government after an emotionally-charged meeting with residents turned rowdy on Saturday, 5 Sep. 2009.

The Selangor Government has said it will continue to search for suitable sites agreeable to all after taking into consideration the sentiments expressed by those opposed to the relocation of the temple. The meeting was tense from the beginning with lots of jeering, pointing and shouting. At one point, a man even grabbed a chair but fortunately it is reported that he was held back by others.

Were those attending the meeting truly sincere in voicing their opinion to find a solution peacefully together, or were they there just to cause trouble, to humiliate any effort to come up with a win-win situation? This is a really ugly picture of Malaysians demonstrating violence, threats, rudeness, disorderly conduct and utter disrespect for law and order (picture from the Star). It shows an attitude of "we don't like it, we don't have to care for or think about the interests of others, just my own interest is paramount".

The Selangor government has given in to the demands of those opposed to the relocation of the temple; it has listened to the people. Recognise that.

We can only hope that when the next site proposed for the temple is announced, the nation will not be treated to another spectacle of extreme, arrogant and unreasonable protest. Malaysia is 52 years old, and Malaysia will only prosper when its citizens live peacefully alongside each other and focus on issues such as education, research, services and growing the economy. There is the greater good to think of. What do you think of?


  1. The Cow Head protest invalidates the 1Malaysia concept. Till now, the Govt. has not taken any action against the demonstrators. This portrays Najib in very poor light, indecisive and spineless. Religion is taking precedence over sedition. I wonder why the Indians are wasting their time in Malaysia, all their talents and knowledge trampled on by innate racism. They have a corrupt politician, the ‘katak dibawah rambut palsu’ S. Vellu as their leader – he is only interested in lining his pockets. Fragmented political parties have sprung up claiming to fight for the rights of this marginalised race. The Malaysian Indians have become zombies – dehumanised, castigated for trying to relocate a temple which existed even before these hooligans were born. The severing of a holy Indian symbol and its public display has reiterated the fact that Indians have no place in Malaysia. America and Australia accept Indians with open hands – why do they want to rot in Malaysia? Migrate Indians amass, and let Malaysia suffocate in its own vomit of fundamentalism!

  2. It is indeed disheartening to see the govt's inaction, when they had immediately used the ISA, police and any means to detain and charge any other perceived threat to themselves! Well, voters for the next election, take note and remember this incident.

    As for S Vellu, was it just coincidence that his nephew lost in the MIC youth race and almost instantaneously S Vellu raised the age limit for MIC youth to 45? So his nephew might have another chance at MIC Youth Chief?