10 October 2012

Malaysian fruits: Sukun or Breadfruit

Coming to Ipoh and having the blessing of a large garden have certainly enhanced my botanical senses.

I spotted a large tree with torn-looking leaves next to a kampung house on the way home from servicing my car. What attracted my attention were the light green, round fruits the size of small pomelos hanging abundantly on the branches.

Some old memory flickered in me. Could it be? I remembered eating fried sukun from the pisang goreng vendor who used to ply his trade opposite the Government/ immigration complex at Damansara Heights. I haven't had that in years! When I told my maid about it, she was surprised that I even knew about the fruit, which is called breadfruit in English.

My maid then informed me that there were several breadfruit trees growing along the road shoulders not far from our house, and also in several neighbouring compounds. Indeed! When I specifically sought them out while driving, I saw 2 such trees on our main road, and a heavily fruiting one in my neighbour's garden. They look so cute, these green balls hanging down from the branches. And there is a long row of breadfruit trees along the road in front of Kolej Ungku Omar near Taman Cempaka.

What bounty nature provides, as the ground was littered with freshly dropped sukun! We picked up 2, and brought them home to make battered-and-fried sukun. Yummy.

I read on some blogs that it is not common to find sukun these days in KL. Well, isn't it wonderful that Ipoh is still so green and abundant with nature's gifts?

Now, I need to get a breadfruit sapling.


  1. Greetings Madam;

    We are moving in to Ipoh in March 2013 onwards.
    Trying to rent a house/condo within the city (to be exact dekat or within a bus sekolah ride to SK Convent or Kinderland).

    Tried googling the some places within Ipoh City..but found it damm Mahal! Very terkejut to find mostly all above RM1K.

    Anyway, can you recommend any area within ipoh city (dekat to SK Convent or Kinderland)

    Best Regards

  2. Hi and welcome to Ipoh! I live very close to Kinderland, and that's where my daughter went to kindy when we came to Ipoh in 2009.

    Ya, I think Ipoh house prices are not that murah anymore, contrary to what a lot of KL folk think. About 1K is right, especially for the area you are looking at.

    The central areas to schools, and facilities would be bungalows near to Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh Garden, Canning Garden, Chateau Garden, around Kinderland (which by the way is like Damansara Heights in KL, that's why mahal) and the further residential areas (and maybe cheaper) would be Jelapang, Meru, Sunway City, Gunung Rapat and Bercham. All these areas are services by their own town centres with shops, convenience stores, banks, schools, makan places, so very convenient.

    The good thing about Ipoh is that distances are not very great and even during peak hours, the traffic jam is much much better compared to KL. Where are u coming from?

  3. We are from Gombak & Rawang.

    Actually we have already "lived" in Perak for a few years, - Tronoh.
    Then we went away to Melbourne for about 4 years and now coming back sometime in Jan/March 2013.

    p/s: Hv you heard abt St Johns Kindergarten? Its near to St Michael School? Any review on that?

  4. Yes I've heard about St John's kindy but sorry, no views on that one, as I did not look into it. Here's something about St John's - http://www.kenwooi.com/2009/06/st-johns-kindergarten-ipoh.html#comment-34662

    There are a few other church-run kindies, if you are ok with that, which are also quite popular, like the Canning Garden Methodist Church has its own kindy. There is also Mariaville off Jalan Tambun and Wesley Church Kindergarten, to name a couple.

    As for your house hunting, have you enquired about Prima Ipoh condo? It is near where you would like to be, and since it's not a new condo, it might be cheaper. Prima Ipoh is on the main thoroughfare of Jalan Raja Dihilir, near to Ipoh Specialist, opposite to Heritage Hotel, walking distance to Kinderland and Qdees kindy...so all in all quite good.

  5. In Melbourne, my daughter went to Child Care (nursery) from 6months.
    So, basically its ALL day play and more play, and a bit (very bit) of learning.
    When I went to Kinderland & was informed homework, I was ter-kejut.

    Any reviews on Qdees? Between Kinderland & Qdees?

  6. Hahaha, yes I know Melbourne style education...very little learning until later. And even then,hmmm.............

    Kinderland's homework is considered light compared to other kindies here in Ipoh. Did you read my review on Kinderland? It's under "Ipoh" on the right hand side list of my posts.

    Sorry again, I took one look at Qdees and drove off! It is located in this old creepy looking bungalow. I didn't like the look and feel of it at all.

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  8. Hi Teresa

    Thanks for dropping by! Yes I've heard of Chia seeds, but haven't yet tried them myself. The site you linked me to, is that in Danish?

  9. Need breadfruit for research purpose. Please suggest where can I get it's flowers?