22 September 2011

The new "cool" Najib is not what matters

So our PM has engaged a team of new media makeover artists to refresh and repair his image, and transform him into Mr. COOL, the moderate reformer.

The Star in its 22 Sep 2011 article wrote that our PM Najib wants "to project a cool or sempoi image of himself and the Barisan Nasional coalition he heads. The battle to win the hearts and minds of the young voters has started in earnest and Najib aims to win over a big slice with his young and cool campaign."

So our PM has appeared over our radio stations, showing off that he has some general knowledge about singers, football and music. But then of course! Which VIP goes on air without first having the list of questions given to his personal aides so that the correct answers can be prepared in advance? It's a no-brainer. I've prepared enough information briefs, summary responses, fact sheets, whatever you wanna call it, for bosses who go for such interviews.

So, please, don't be too impressed with  Najib or any of our government leaders when they seem so intelligent and savvy and give the right answers in live interviews. They have been prepped and double prepped before hand.

I don't believe there are many Malaysian leaders who can handle a live interview without loads of coaching before hand. Do you think our PM candidates can handle a live debate like the US Presidential debates? That would be a day to wait for! (if you would like to see how our leaders handle questions under pressure without preparation, you should watch the recording of our Foreign Minister responding to a foreign journalist's questions regarding the BERSIH walk)

That aside, one certainly hopes that swapping a casual T-Shirt for his usual shirt and tie, cracking a few jokes over a radio interview and attending concerts, are not ploys that could so easily cause a significant voter swing.

The fundamental issues crucial to the rakyat remains, and the leader and party that best addresses these issues should be the ones voted into power:
  • free and fair elections
  • eradication of corruption
  • a mature democracy
  • freedom of the media
  • freedom of expression
  • a transparent and accountable government
  • independent judiciary
  • an efficient civil service