14 December 2010

Teaching by example.....

.... is really more powerful and effective.

On our recent holiday to Australia, I had the chance to demonstrate kindness and consideration.

My family and I were on a tram which was rather packed. There was only standing room left. Not a problem for most people used to commuting and for the young. After several people got off and others got on at a stop, there were spaces enough for my kids and I to sit. But just then, an elderly Australian lady came on board.

Naturally, I got up and offered her my seat. She was carrying a large handbag which I offered to hold for her while she made her way slowly to my seat. I noticed a middle-aged but still-fit Australian man who was seated (he should have been the one to get up!) eyeing the exchange, and several other commuters in the tram smiling at me. When it was time for us to alight from the tram, the elderly lady thanked me again and wished us a lovely day.

As were walking the streets of the city, my 5-year old daughter said, "Mommy, you were kind to that old lady. She was old. People thought you were nice. Next time I will be kind too".

My heart warmed. Lesson taught and learned.


  1. That's a great example to set for kids. Not enough of that these days. Were you in Melb recently? You should have told me... could have organised a catch up with Pat Goh, Fiona Low and others. I caught up with Wai Meng and May Yee when they were here in end Nov and early Dec. Next time.

  2. Yes was with family in Melbourne. Managed to see Fiona as she dropped by the restaurant where we were eating with other friends. She posted a photo on her FB. She told me about the reunion and that I had just missed it by a day. Next time!