26 July 2012

Travel Picks: Top 10 cities for street food

As compiled by virtualtourist.com.

With the victor being Bangkok, fist runner-up Singapore and 2nd runner-up Penang.

Our beautiful Penang, Pearl of the Orient. White sandy beaches, tourist magnet, fabulous food.

It's good to see unity when one's country or its products are reviewed (whether real or perceived) negatively, with leaders and citizens vocalising support for their beloved land/ food/ heritage...

 It's OK that virtualtourist.com ranked Penang's street food behind that of Singapore's. Understandably we are upset that Singapore's street food (??) came out ahead of us. We are more gracious about Bangkok winning.

But its OK because everyone has different taste preferences. And different sight preferences.

Maybe Singapore's food just LOOKS better. Maybe the hawker centres are cleaner. Maybe they're air-conditioned. Maybe all the price tags are displayed and in English. Maybe all the servers are appropriately attired in white, and aprons and caps. All tourist gimmicks, that work.

Maybe virtualtourist.com's methodology was flawed. Who provided the feedback from which the list was compiled? Caucasians? Asians?

In my frank opinion (no offence meant) I don't trust Caucasian taste buds with Asian food.

Example: When we were in Ireland last year, we knew that within a week of setting foot in Ireland, the elderly folk would be hankering for Chinese food. So my hubs dutifully did his online research and voila! During our stop in Limerick, he took us all to a Chinese restaurant that Trip Advisor claimed was excellent. As soon as I stepped into the place, I gave hubs the look. 99% of the diners there were Whites. Not a good sign.  

Verdict? The food was BAD if our Chinese/ Asian taste buds are to be the judge. Everything there was tailored to please the Caucasian palate. Sweet and sour this, lemon this and lemon that, black pepper this and black pepper that....!

So, it's OK...virtualtourist.com can have its lost, I mean, list, of top 10 cities for street food. But we all know that Penang food is the BEST!

By way of notation, I ordered wan ton mee in Singapore once. Now you all know that wan ton mee comes with pickled green chillies right?! Mine was served with chilly sauce! I rest my case about Singapore street food.....

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