13 January 2010

Secret Recipe's price increase

Do you like Secret Recipe's food? I know some people say it's real bad, but we quite like some of its cakes. And my kids love their black pepper lamb pie - moist filling with peppery chunks of lamb and onions. If you haven't tried it, you should. And we always thought its pricing was very reasonable at RM6 per pie.

That is, until tonight.

When I went to get some black pepper lamb pie, I was surprised that the price tag said RM6.80. I asked the staff and they said "Sudah naik harga, dari hari Isnin" (all prices have increased as of Monday). Well, that's a rather steep price hike of almost 15%.

Is Secret Recipe raising its prices on account of the 20sen increase in one kilo of sugar?

I am certain that you don't need one kilo of sugar to make one black pepper lamb pie, neither do you need one kilo of sugar to make a cake. So what's the rationale behind the 80sen increase in the price of Secret Recipe's pie (I can't be certain of the price hike for its other products as I am not as familiar with their prices)

I am disappointed with Secret Recipe's new year resolution of increasing its price by almost 15% for its lamb pie, and as much as my kids like it, well........maybe I just have to learn to make it.

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