08 September 2009

Malaysia's English

The Star reported that Adelina Raisa Sufian was adjudged top student in English at the University of London’s Queen Mary College recently. And the country is proud, as we should be.

Which brings us back to the hotly debated issue of the quality of English taught in Malaysian schools; and the recent education policy flip-flop where Math and Science will revert to being taught in BM because the teachers just can't "cope" and the rural schools will lose out.

Where did Adelina learn her English? The report mentioned in passing that she pursued her "higher education" at the Oakham School in Britain as far back as in 2004. Maybe she was sent to Britain to study even before that, thus having the chance to learn proper English. If Adelina had done all her education in Malaysian public schools and then gone to pursue tertiary education in Britain, would her English be as excellent?

Government of Malaysia, whichever way you look at it, admit it - English is the most important global language. Reform the country's education policy so that our children can be competent in English. Our country has all to gain from that.


  1. reform for the better? slow slow wait..

    the only way is to clean up the stupid people running this country

  2. And that is the responsibility of all right thinking Malaysians to vote wisely.