02 August 2009

Citrus Wine & Dine

We decided on Citrus for lunch this Sunday. My son had seen the restaurant on one of our drive-abouts and been hankering to try it for some time. Both my kids prefer western food to rice.

We arrived about 12.45, which is my preferred time. I don't like to go at the same time as other diners. We were the first customers - at that time, that is. The waiting staff were very attentive and prompt with their service. The kids were all smiles upon entering the restaurant, indicating that the surroundings were to their liking - air-cond, clean, comfortable, nicely decorated. Rather particular, my kids!
The proprietor had given some thought to the menu, as there was one for adults, one for little boys and one for little girls. The kids' menu consisted of identical items, just the presentation was different. Sweet. We ordered 2 sets - one with cajun chicken, the other the spaghetty aglio olio - spaghetty bolognese, potato wedges and nuggets with mash for the kids.

The aglio olio was delicious, tasty and fragrant. My cajun chicken, however, could have done with more seasoning, as the taste didn't quite emerge. Kids liked their meals, which came with a Vitagen each - better than offering colas, so that was another thoughtful point by the proprietor. The side of potato wedges was quite large and nicely done. Coffee was a strong brew and the milk was served warm, while the bread and butter pudding that came with our sets was just right in sweetness and softness.

Citrus obviously pays attention to details such as the warm milk, changing the cutlery according to your order, providing boy or girl plates/ cups. The waiter also noticed immediately when my daughter dropped her fork and came to replace it pronto. We will be going back to Citrus.

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