31 August 2009

Hopes for Malaysia's 52nd birthday

So Malaysia turns 52 today.

Many of the generation who witnessed the liberation of then Malaya are still alive today, just much older. I am sure a great number of Malaysians wish that our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman, Bapa Malaysia, were still alive today as well.

No doubt, Malaysia has achieved much. But what has the nation also lost along the way?

I wish and hope for Malaysia and her people, that democracy will continue to be preserved - please, political parties fighting to form the government, don't be sore losers. That there would be freedom of expression. That corruption and cronysm at the highest levels of government would be reduced (to eliminate it would be impossible, so let's just be realisitic). That Malaysia's politicians would stop playing the race card - remember that Malaysia is unique and achieved its independence with the promise of upholding and protecting its multi-racial and muti-religion makeup. That Malaysia's leaders dare move the nation forward to succeed in the global arena, and not just limit the country to petty domestic issues for the sake of re-election. That the government invest in and execute sound education policies.

I was born in Malaysia, I am Malaysian, I have served my country in the civil service - Happy Birthday Malaysia, and may God bless those who helm the country with wisdom, vision and conscience.


  1. I am nort sure of your age but from the look of it you saw the country became an independence country in 1957. That mean you was born before 1957.

    I was there witnessing the raising of the Federation flag for the first time at the Kuantan town Padang. At that time I was not sure whether life would be better and it did turn out to be better. But then after fifty years the politician got into their head that they own the country, which is Not. The political party is just a mean to an end and because we gave it too much power for 51 years they think they are immortal.

    We start as a Democratic Secular country and now because of the two third majority we gave them they have amend the constitution which erode the freedom and liberty of the rakyaat and that to me is wrong. But what could we do the BN which have Representative of all the races just bulldozed the bills and made many changes to the constitution without consulting the rakyaat. Actually it is also our fault, we should not have given them the two third majority. The political party could rule with ease without the two third majority, so in the future we should never give any political party the two third majority because without that they cannot change the constitution.

    I am hoping the political change that start on March 2008 would continue and we would see a new government come the next election and from that henceforth we should not give any political party to rule for more the two terms. By doing that they have to rule with us in their heart unlike now.

    In the mean time let us educated our young to vote with wisdom come the next election. We want change. We love the country more then we love any political party. The country belong to the rakyaat, not the political party. Let us made democracy work, there is still hopes for us Malaysian. Remember that we are just 52 years old, a young country indeed.In history 52 years is a very short period.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Pak Idrus
    It is so heartening to read your views, which I share. No govt should ever have a 2/3 majority, which is why there must be rakyat to vote for the opposition. I agree too that there should be no "dynasty" govt. But of course there are the die hard supporters who believe in giving their chosen party full control and majority. But I believe that from now onwards, 2008 has shown that the rakyat have matured in their approach towards elections and towards any political party in the country - vote out the govt that doesn't keep its promises, that grows arrogant, that changes laws to suit its own needs, and that "steals" from the rakyat and the country.

    Actually, I am just in my 30s Pak Idrus. Thank you for visiting and posting your comment.

  3. Malaysia is truly a great Nation but politicians are sure taking the citizens for a ride. Corruption seems to have reared its ugly head in the Govt sector. Najib is preaching vehemently about 1Malaysia but his actions do not portray any genuine efforts in achieving this notion. It is only just plain empty talk. Progress of the Nation is stagnating without accountability and transparency. Economic stagnation and frustration of the citizens is impeding our growth. And alas, we will face moral extinction in the clutches of corrupt political fundamentalists who are now in control of every aspect of our lives. An element of fear haunts the citizens – we cannot express our sentiments freely. Fundamentalism is taking roots rapidly – but Najib is still day dreaming. Will we survive this sad journey?

  4. Bnaipal

    Yep, as Pak Idrus said, the politicians today think that they own the country. They (well most of them) have no sense of honour in their elected positions and duty.

    Why do politicans do all they can - sweet talk, make empty promises, threaten, stoke up sensitive issues, slander opponents, are shameless even after their own immoral detestable "activities" are exposed - to get voted in: because to these politicians, to lead the country in positions of power is to have access to and the licence to dig a gold mine: Malaysia and its rakyat.

    This must stop! The rakyat must never give any govt a 2/3 majority ever again. There must be sufficient check and balance, and a strong opposition voice.