04 January 2012

First Day of Standard One, First day of Standard Five

Phew! It's now 1.56pm. I just sat my behind down after a morning of running around since 6.45am. That's when we left the house...to send my son to his first day back at school as a Standard Fiver, and to send my baby girl to her first day as a Standard One-er. How time flies!

Well, the school area around the prime schools - Sam Tet, Yuk Choy and Ave Maria - near the roundabout where Jalan Gopeng and Jalan Tambun converge was alive with the bright red and yellow of car and bus lights at 6.55am. Even this early, the nearest and best parking lots were filled!

After first dropping off my boy, I sent my girl to her school. Being her first day, I went down with her of course. She was pretty calm and said I could go. But I stayed (look who's scared?). I finally left around 730am when the school urged parents to stop haunting the school corridors.

Went home and had some coffee, then my maid fried some vermicelli for the little girl. We both went to deliver her recess snack to her at 915am. When we got there, I found that many parents of the Standard One children had not even left! We accompanied her during recess, then left to do some marketing in town. We had meant to go home after that, but looking at the time, almost 11am, we decided to just go back to the school, because Std. Ones are dismissed at 1215 during the first week, and parking, that is good, near and shaded parking is an extremely rare commodity at this school. Thankfully, I managed to secure a prime spot under a grand old tree that provided lots of shade. My maid and I waited for about an hour, during which time the parking lots swiftly filled up.

1215 came, we waited in the sun for the kids to troop out to the gate, then made our way to fetch my boy. While waiting for him, we had our lunch of steamed chicken and hor-fun soup. I downed mine quickly and walked the short distance to the school to get my boy, who then had his lunch.

Well....day one of school in 2012 is over....it's been hot, sunny, sweaty and fine. I pray that all through this year, everything else will go fine, for my family and me, and for you my friends. 


  1. Glad the 1st day went well for all. Did u shed some tears? I did when my youngest started Kindy last yr which is the 1st yr of big school. Good luck with the rest of year.

  2. HI, i am a mother of three and planning to move from KL to Ipoh. I am glad to found you here so that i can gather more info from you about Ipoh.

    Do you hv any problem transferring ur kids to Ipoh school? like can i apply any school that i like without considering my house address..

    hope can get some feedback fr you.


  3. Hi Mandy, don't worry it is not difficult to transfer schools for your kids. Just inform your schools in KL that you are transferring and they will give you the appropriate forms to fill.

    What schools are you looking for - Chinese SJK or Kebangsaan? I think nowadays esp this year, the house address is not so crucial anymore. Most people got the schools they applied for without rejection. If u need to know anything else just ask, ok?

  4. Hi,

    Friends in Ipoh advice if can get my kids into Yuk Chai secondary school or poi nam. But the problem is that my add in ipoh is in Ulu Kinta/Bercham.

    Another issue is if my boy want to go into the 2 schools i mentioned, they only consider good results fr previous school n which my son do not have a flying colors..

    But anyway, tx for your offering for lending a helping hand. I will plan accordingly.

    Tx.. Mandy