16 July 2009

My children's shampoo and lotion

Everyone's becoming more health conscious or health "aware" these days. My MIL is a pure vegetarian (also omits onions and garlic from her diet). While we are not yet prepared to go down that path, we have recently started to relook at the personal care products our family use.

On a trip to Melbourne, we picked up a bottle of baby shampoo called "Gaia", an Australian-made brand which uses natural and organic ingredients. It was fine on my son, but strangely enough, my girl (then 3) started dropping more hair than usual and had some grey streaks in her hair!

My hubby then did some research and he brought in Aubrey Organics Natural Baby & Kids Shampoo. It contains vanilla and almond oils, and we have had no problems with it. It cleans the children's hair well, lather is moderate and no adverse effects. So we went on to bring in Aubrey's Natural Baby & Kids Body Lotion for our children, which has organic evening primrose and aloe vera. Smells delicious!

Happy with the results, we have decided to explore more personal care product brands that use natural and/or organic ingredients. Will share more on this another time.

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