19 March 2010

Facial at Casa Mia

I've relocated to Ipoh for just over a year now, and I still haven't found a place to have a facial. Not that there aren't any beauty centres here - there's plenty. But I just don't have the confidence to go to any particular one here yet, as the few that have been recommended to me seem, well, below average. Even my friends who recommended them to me said it's just so-so.

What's left to do? Return to my usual beautician in Desa Sri Hartamas everytime we go back to KL and I can squeeze in the time during our trips.

I just had a badly needed facial 2 days ago. Casa Mia has been having a body massage and facial combo offering at RM138 - one hour of massage and another hour of facial. It's great! I rarely fall asleep during facials but after an hour of soothing body massage, I actually dozed off.

I sure hope I can find a good beautician here in Ipoh....soon.


  1. Hi maam, im from a very high urbanized city and ill be working in Ipoh for sometime. your blog helps me a lot to know your wonderful place. Huge thanks.
    BTW, is there any English channel or FM station there? I only speak english thats why.

  2. Hi there. Which highly urbanised city might you be from?

    As for English, don't worry. Malaysian TV and radio have lots of English stations.

  3. Hi! Just stumbled on your blog. Lots of good stuff (thank you), and much-needed mental support in readiness for a possible move up here from KL. I have a million questions, but firstly -- have you found a good beautician yet? After 5 years, you must have, right?

  4. Hi Jaycee

    Out of your million questions, your first is about facial. That's a good one! I have found a beautician who operates from her home. I don't know the style of beauty care you like - chain outlets, posh surroundings, all in with massage, spa etc?

    I prefer simple home-based beauticians who do honest, good and basic facials without hardselling their beauty products. Like, I tried Shakura once, and never again. So what type of beauty care providers do you prefer?