06 August 2009

My facial cleanser

Continuing with my skin care experimentation, I have now tried out 2 brands of facial cleanser which I buy direct from the US. We girls all know about the debate between foam cleansers versus milk cleansers. I used to prefer foam cleansers as my skin is combination-oily, and washing with milk cleansers just didn't feel clean enough. Ah! Those were the youthful girly days. Now, I have moved towards less stripping, harsh cleansers that leave my skin squeaky clean. I prefer to use gentler cleansers that leave my skin feeling still moist.

Desert Essence Organics has the Age Reversal Pomegranate Cleansing Gel (no, I am NOT old) which I have found to cleanse well, is gentle on the skin and does not strip the skin dry. Its ingredients include pomegranate, green tea and cucumber. The gel glides onto the skin easily and is a pleasure to use. I did not have any negative reaction to it, and will definitely use it again. And I plan to pair it with the Age Reversal Pomegranate Face Serum - hopefully starting early will have positive effects on my skin later!

When my tube of Desert Essence Organics cleanser ran out, I decided to try a milk cleanser instead. I am currently using Avalon Organics' CoQ10 Facial Cleansing Milk. This soap-free formula contains the signature CoQ10 enzyme, white tea, sunflower oil, lavender and chamomile. It has a distinct lavender and tea smell, and the milk is rich, cleanses well yet gently. It has been good for my skin and I am happy with it. I guess I will alternate between these 2 cleansers - unless I find another that I like.

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