23 August 2011

Nyonya Kueh

Mmmmm, I love nyonya kueh - delicious tasting ang koo, kuih ketayap, 9-layer kueh, rice with coconut sambal, mua chee, kueh ko chee .... and so many more.

My brother-in-law's wife mentioned over dinner one night that there is a shop selling nyonya kueh in Pasir Pinji. Apparently most of the other vendors get their supply from this shop.

I managed to locate it. It's called Pusat Kueh & Kek Khoo Eng Chee, diagonally opposite the sundry shop Ee Chan. The shop makes a large variety of nyonya pastry, and they sell out very quickly. By 1030 in the morning, most stuff are gone. But, not too worry, they make more! So you are assured that their wares are fresh indeed.

I bought the pastries in the picture last Saturday:
  • ang koo - 70 sen
  • egg custard - 90sen
  • kueh ketayap - 50 sen
  • rice with coconut sambal - 60 sen

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