19 July 2009

Of dogs, birds and fish

Having a house with garden meant that we could have dogs (and other animals). Back in BU, we did not want to subject any dog to having to live his days out on a hot, small and tiled front yard. I don't know how so many people in terraced houses could keep large breed dogs - it's cruel.

So, here in Ipoh we have 3 furry companions. But this also means a lot more work - feeding, bathing, training. The kids love having the dogs, but I only let them play together when I am there to watch them. Can't ever tell with animals, can you? Not long after moving in, one of our black females must have managed to slip out the gate as I was driving out, because when I returned, the kids and my maid were franctic - saying that there were only 2 dogs left.

It was rainy that morning as I drove out to search for our missing dog. I circled the neigbourhood twice before I spotted a black, furry canine with a curly tail. As I pulled up next to her, yep that's my dog. But she ran off when I wound my window down and called out her name! Ditching the car, I got down, with my umbrella and went after her. But the more I called, the farther she ran. Scared of the umbrella? Didn't recognise me? I put the brollie down. That did the trick. She ran towards me, happy. Now, do I put her in the car? She probably wouldn't get in. So I walked home with her, in the rain. Then..I walked back out to get my car.

The birds - it was like the attack of the kamikaze-birds! They would crash into our large glass windows. Daily, we would pick up at least 6 bird carcasses. It got quite gross, and I was becoming a nervous wreck each time I heard a loud thud against the glass. This went on for about a month, before the birds decided to redraw their flight path - phew!

Then we got the koi into our pond. Things went swimmingly with the first batch of koi. But then a larger batch of koi got put into the pond and this is when the fish suicides started. They just vaulted out of the pond. We saved 5 the first time it happened. But sadly, the second time it happened, 7 koi died. But happily, that was the end of the fishy troubles.

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