13 July 2009

Moving from KL to Ipoh

First came the long, long discussions about when and whether to move the family to Ipoh when my hubby was transferred from KL to Ipoh. It was a big decision for me. I was born and raised in the Klang Valley. I worked full time in the Valley and I enjoyed my job. All my friends were in KL and my kids enjoyed being looked after by my parents when I was at work. So, what would you do?

Immediate considerations for me were - I would have to resign, become a stay home Mom, become a single income family, I would not have my parents close by to run to whenever I felt like it, I would have no friends in Ipoh and I would have to learn a whole new town (albeit a smaller one). The kids would have to adjust too. Argh! It was ok for my hubby as he is an Ipoh boy and his family were in Ipoh. I would be the outsider.

Many of my friends said that they would never relocate from the Klang Valley but would instead ask their husbands to commute instead. But my hubby said he did not want the family to be split into two so the ultimate decision was to relocate the family. My friends said I was good to sacrifice so much to do so. Thus, began a new chapter in my married life.


  1. Hi, I am same problem right now like you before. I really felt reluctant to move as hubby having same reason like wat ur hubby said, no splitting family. But the real issue for me is tat, how can we move while my husband still discovering wat to do in Ipoh. I am still working in PJ as manager with a good pay but not my husband coz he felt disappointed with the econ/market in KL. So decided to move to Ipoh with lower cost of living..


  2. Hi Mandy, I understand how you feel. Is Ipoh your husband's hometown? Maybe you can wait a little while longer until he finds a job in Ipoh since you have a good job in KL now.

    Discuss slowly with your husband, otherwise you will have fights, like I did...

  3. Hi, Ipoh is my husband hometown and his family still staying there. I have talked to my husband and encourage to go ahead 1st with plan(starting a new business) he wanted to do in Ipoh. Once stable and i will definately going back with open heart. But the problem is he do not want to listen and ended with fights.

    Now i got now choice but let him cool down. I also get disappointed becoz he think i am not a supporting wife and i am not willingly go thru crisis with him.. To me, i am only thinking of the best interest for the whole family(with 3 kids)not only him and it is not fair for him to comment me like that.. really disappointed....

    Tx for listening n ur advices....

  4. Hi Mandy, what you are going through sounds very very familiar. I am a KL girl and all my life my family, friends and job are in KL. So it was hard for me to move here.

    My husband did say similar things, that I am not a supportive wife and that I only want my way. Ha ha! They all talk the same lingo...We had a lot of fights, even after we moved to Ipoh. So, be prepared.

    Don't feel too sad Mandy, this part of marriage will happen sooner or later. Be patient, talk to a good friend (or to me!) and if you believe in God, pray.

  5. Great!! I pray a lot which i never prayed before.. I will let God handle the situation which i know i can not control and let Jesus work in my husband's life.

    I also talked/shared a lot especially with friends but of coz ppl like you which been thru it before. I am truly blessed to found you fr here. :)

    God Bless!!