29 November 2012

Holiday checklist

It's the year end school holidays and like many families, we will be taking the family for a vacation. This time we will be gone for about 3 weeks.

Truth be told, I actually find vacations tiring.

There is the pre-vacation preparation and the post-vacation recuperation. I don't know why certain people love traveling so much. Guess I have never been much of a travel bug, especially for far-away long haul holidays.

First when you arrive at your foreign destination, there might be the jet lag to contend with. After being cooped up in economy for hours, I usually feel lousy. If you can afford to travel business for long haul flights, please do!

Then there's the multiple unpacking and repacking for the family as we move from place to place. Not to mention making sure there is the daily ration of drinks and snacks when we are sight seeing, as well as the jackets, hats, sun block and safekeeping of the passports; all of which come under my purview.

I thought as I prepare for this vacation, it would be useful to post a holiday checklist or travel checklist. Hopefully my kids will understand it's not just all play for mommy on holidays!

Holiday documents

  • book the air tickets
  • book the hotels or serviced apartments
  • if it's a self drive holiday, book your car in advance 
  • make sure passports are valid
  • keep photocopies of your passports, in the unlikely event you lose your original ones
  • apply for visas, where needed
  • buy travel insurance

The home

  • pay all bills - water, electricity, phone etc
  • tidy up the garden
  • get someone to look after the pets
  • stock up on pet food
  • fix anything around the home that needs fixing - leaky taps etc
  • unplug electrical connections that will not be used
  • empty the trash cans
  • lock up doors and windows
  • leave some curtains open
  • leave some lights on timer
  • if you feel it might be safer, move your valuables into your bank deposit box 
  • leave house keys with a trusted neighbour, friend or relative


I guess apart from your clothes and shoes and cold-weather gear:
  • toiletries - tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, face cleanser, moisturiser, shampoo, sun block, lip balm
  • hair dryer
  • hand sanitizer to be used when you are on the go
  • wet wipes (for those with kids)
  • tissue (lots of them for my family)
  • medication as needed
  • vitamins and other supplements as needed
  • bandages
  • wound care creams
  • favorite pillows or bolsters for the kids
  • books, Ipad, smart phone, chargers, adapters
  • rain coats
  • umbrellas
  • hats
  • backpacks
  • flash light
  • some card games for dull (or rest) days

 Phew! I think that's the main lot. Happy holidays everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

(pictures from silampuneon.com, ten2oneentertainment.blogspot.com)

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