05 March 2012

Terrific Tofu

Tofu, taufoo, tauhu, bean curd.....it comes in many names according to the people who eat it, but we all know this soya bean-derived, economical, protein packed, smooth, white (or brown) and versatile food.

It is an Asian staple, and an important source of protein for vegetarians. Most of my family's dinners will have a tofu side dish- whether fried, steamed, blanched or cooked in soup, on its own or mixed with minced meat or chopped vegetables.

The market I frequent in Pasir Pinji has a couple of tofo sellers, but lately I have been going to the Central Market in town. Not being so familiar with this larger, square shaped market, I initially bought my tofu from the sellers nearer to the vege and bean sprout vendors. But their selection is meager and not very fresh. I was just lamenting that such a big market must have good tofu vendors.

Then a most unlikely source of information came by - FIL! He had been going to the market a few times of late to help out MIL (such a nice husband) and he said he found a good tofu seller. The stall is located just up the stairs on the right, if you come in to the market from the road where Mc Donald's is situated. Thanks to FIL's tip I found the stall, and it does sell terrific tofu. The first time I was there, wow, the tofu all looked great and there was this pervasive fresh pleasant smell of soya beans!

My favourite tofu from this vendor is the "teochew tofu". It used to sell for 3 pieces for RM2, but as of today, 16 October 2013, it has gone up to RM2.40 for 3 pieces (no thanks to the petrol hike I'm sure). This tofu is lightly salted, so all you need to do is to slice it into medium-sized strips and fry it in oil until it is slightly crispy on the outside and still soft and cool on the inside. Eat it plain or dip with your favourite chilly or tomato sauce!

This stall is now my preferred tofu vendor.