26 December 2010

Chritmas roast turkey from Maria's

Our 3rd Christmas in Ipoh, and this year Christmas dinner was held at our house instead of at my inlaws' place. The menu consisted of the traditional roast turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, fried broccoli and cauliflower, grilled lamb shoulders and fried rice (a bit weird I know, but it was on request).

Father-in-law bought the roast turkey from Maria's Cafe, which has quite a good reputation. And indeed the main dish of Christmas dinner did not disappoint. The turkey was tender and moist while the stuffing was the best I have ever had (I usually detest turkey stuffing). The bird that FIL ordered was about 4.9kg, small if you compare it to the larger sizes Maria's has - the turkeys go up until about 8kg.
Our 4th Christmas in Ipoh (2011) was celebrated with a Christmas lunch instead of dinner, and with a roast chicken instead of roast turkey!

Not all the family was around, hence the smaller scale of celebration.

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