19 July 2013

Teach For Malaysia

I became aware of this initiative through my wonderful, gregarious niece.

She is a law graduate and potential lawyer, but put aside her legal ambitions to contribute in a noble and meaningful way to the future of the nation's youth, by becoming a Fellow in the Teach for Malaysia program.

TFM reaches out to high-need schools, aspiring to reduce the widening education inequity so that every Malaysian child has the opportunity to be educated, and to be edcuated well.

I am so proud of my niece to have embarked in her journey to make a difference in her lifetime to her country and the children of Malaysia whose lives she will touch.

And to all the other TFM Fellows, bright young minds from the different races of Malaysia - you are wonderful people who make the world a better place.

Here are some of their inspiring stories:


Teaching these days is not seen as "the" profession to be in. Everybody is gunning after investment banking, medicine, law, IT. Just look at all the top scorers in our SPM or STPM. How many say they want to be teachers?

But we do need good, passionate, intelligent and qualified teachers if our future generations are to be educated well. Which parent does not complain about the state of Malaysian education?

Therefore it is so refreshing to read When Your Child Teaches For Malaysia.

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