30 December 2009

Exes and friends

Some people believe that ex-boyfriends/girlfriends can never be friends after the event. There is just too much baggage to deal with, especially if one side still harbours any feelings or hopes for rekindling the relationship. It also depends on how bad the breakup was.

I think as adults, ex partners can still be friends, have the occasional chat or email exchange, even look each other up. Just like any other friend from college.

For me, I have no difficulty being friends with an ex. I am secure in my own position as a married person, a mother and the past is history, though sometimes a little murky and unclear!

Time, of course, is a great healer. No matter how bad misunderstandings were, over time, people can arrive at a time and place where things can be viewed in a different and calmer perspective, with the wisdom of hindsight and experience.

My sister-in-law just had a visit from an ex-boyfriend, and he stayed over at the family home. She graciously showed him around town and the rest of the family also joined them over dinners and lunches. Hmm......any more embers glowing? Who knows, maybe .........


  1. what if your ex-bf wanna hv 'something' more than frens with you?

  2. Koolgeek, you are so funny! Ex-bfs mostly married - if want "something" more then just a very firm "no" would do.

  3. it's not really farney... it happens, kl girl

  4. my ex-boyfriend met my sister-in-law at my wedding and they're getting hitched at the end of the month/ how's that for staying close?!