01 August 2010

Dry curry mee - Yee Fatt

As my parents are here visiting over the weekend, we have been eating out quite a bit. This morning we decided to have curry noodles for breakfast. My husband remembered that his grandmother used to love going to Yee Fatt at the Jalan Kampar roundabout opposite Methodist Girls' School for the dry curry mee there.

We got to Yee Fatt around 9.15am. The place was about a quarter full. We quickly found a table and placed our order - 4 dry curry with mee hoon and mee (mix of vermicelli and yellow noodles) with added roast pork, and 2 meehoon in plain soup for the kids. By now, the coffee shop was quickly filling up.

And hubby said his grandma also likes the "mo yee cha" there - a black sweet tea with a hardboiled egg - so we ordered 3 bowls.

The dry curry noodles were smothered in rich, reddish curry, topped with mint leaves. Very tasty. It also comes with pieces of charsiu and chicken, and of course, bean sprouts. The kids were happy enough with their soup noodles. I liked my breakfast this morning, but hubby thinks that the dry curry noodles in Nam Chau is better.

Well you can try out Yee Fatt and Nam Chau and decide for yourself, too!


  1. very hot wor... avoid curry

  2. Hi koolgeek - you mean the curry soup is hot? The dry curry was quite ok. Then I will try out the hot soupy curry next time :P

  3. Personally, I find that Yee Fatt's dry curry is one of the most authentic, fuss-free version in Ipoh. Only chicken, char siew and bean sprouts. No fancy roast pork, cockles, prawns etc.

    And damn thick slurry of aromatic curry paste. Love it.