01 August 2011

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails

The newest addition to our family is a female rottweiler pup. A bundle of black and tan, energy and cuteness rolled into one. Well, cute for now. I hope as she grows she will remain playful and loving.

I've always had misgivings about large aggressive dogs such as rotties, alsations and dobermans. But a friend who has 2 rotties says they are fine with the family, even as grown dogs. So along came our pup, originally bought by a relative whose wife then said she didn't want it on account of it being a rottie, and her fear that it would be difficult to control.

Her first visit to the vet in Ipoh Garden South for her vaccination, was quite eventful. For us, not for her. It was our first time at the vet's too, JR Veterinary Center.

It was very crowded, with canine and feline and winged animal patients. Our little pup was not scared, not one bit. She bounded in on her leash and eagerly surveyed the place, sniffing away. There was an old and sick dachshund, who looked tiredly at her. Then there was a very beautiful, large but cowardly labrador who was trembling and shivering - she had obviously had an unpleasant run in with the vet! The cats were safely in their cages.

Our pup's vaccination went smoothly, and she dutifully swallowed her deworming tablet. Then the excitement started.

The old dachshund just collapsed with a thud onto the floor right next to her elderly female owner as she was paying for her treatment. The poor lady let out a terrified shriek. The vet came to examine the poor dog, who appeared lifeless. The vet lifted the dog slightly from the floor and released her, the dog fell limply. The lady owner was almost hysterical. The vet carried the dog into the examination room, and according to my son and maid who peeked in (I was too distressed to watch), the vet administered CPR. Miraculously the dog came back to life! The old dachshund had to stay in the clinic and its owner left, sniffling and red-eyed. Throughout, the vet was extremely calm and comforted the lady owner.

Next came an elderly lady with a bird cage, holding a little bird (black and white) that appeared to me, dead. It was lying slumped against the side of the cage with its wings spread open, its eyes closed. The owner was obviously in a panic, and ignored the queue of patients, walking into the examination room, saying "Doctor, my bird is very weak. She hasn't eaten in days. Please, look at her!" The vet very calmly told the lady she would examine the bird but she would have to wait her turn. My kids whispered to me, "Mommy, that bird looks dead!"

I don't know what happened to the bird. We left after our pup's vaccination was done, and as we were getting into our car, I saw the lady leaving with her bird. Phew! Dead dog, revived. Status of dead-looking bird, unknown.

Now with 3 dogs and 1 pup, we visit our pet store more frequently for dog biscuits, deworming tablets, treats, leashes, bowls and dog shampoo. We patronise Hup Fatt, which is on Jalan Raja Musa Aziz. It is a family-run store and the family is very friendly and helpful. My girl loves going there to check out the pups they have on sale. Their supplies are generally cheaper than what you would get at the supermarket, but I have not compared their prices to other pet stores. I am quite happy with Hup Fatt.

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