16 May 2013

Snakes (and civet cat) Alive!

A couple of days ago, we received a visit by yet another civet cat.

It kept the dogs up and agitated all night. Me included.

It couldn't get out from the tree it was holed up in because my dogs were circling under the tree. From 2.30am until the morning. Finally, it had enough at about 9am and tried to make a dash for it. Alas for the civet cat! Our Lab mix and our Rottweiler showed their hunting prowess.

All the dogs were knocked out for the rest of the day, deprived of sleep as they were the night before.

Then in the evening, our Rottweiler, fresh from her day's sleep, went about her usual inspection of the garden. She started barking ferociously in her trademark fashion, indicating to us that "something was there".

The "there" was among my lady's fingers plants, and the "something" turned out to be a medium-sized cobra!

Snakes alive!

My Rottie is still a young dog, goofy and loveable, and just coming into her hunting instincts. This is no match for her! The cobra was standing up (as you always see in National Geographic), hissing and lunging at our Rottie when she got too close to it. My hubs and maid were out with me by now, with bamboo sticks.

I tried to call off our Rottie with food, which usually works. But not this time. She was too into it.

Luckily hubs and maid managed to knock out the cobra. Hubs then scooped up the reptile before Rottie could snap at it and threw it over to the neighbouring empty land (which resembles more of a secondary jungle than land in an urban area).

Now, did I say there is just too much fauna around our home?   

(picture for illustration purposes only, courtesy of www.scientificamerican.com )

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