28 August 2009

August school holidays ramblings

It's almost over, the August school holidays. Because of Merdeka day, the kiddies get an extra day off on Monday.

It has been a rather muted holiday period, I feel. On account of the still-spreading H1N1, activities outside of the home have been limited. We made a trip to Toys R Us, One Utama (there's no Toys R Us in Ipoh), between 10:15 to 11:30 and dashed home before more people came to the shopping centre. But the place was quieter than usual, anyway. Most people must be more wary about going out these days. Other than eating out a few times, the kids just relaxed and played at home. They don't complain, though, as they like being home together.

Nobody seems to know whether the H1N1 has peaked in Malaysia or is the worst yet to come. Nobody wants to order a shutdown of schools or public life, fearing the losses the economy might suffer. I just read that the planned vaccination program for H1N1 in Australia is facing problems as the govt won't underwrite or indemnify doctors who administer the vaccines in the event there are side effects from the vaccine. Of course the vaccination program can't proceed unless doctors are insured. It's much more litigous over there than here in Malaysia, where a doctor here could make a mistake that causes a child to lose her arm and still could continue to practise medicine without too much pain/ punishment for the doctor. If that happened in Australia, you can be sure the doctor will be sued and possibly stripped of his licence.

It's been unseasonably wet this week. Good for the plants I suppose, and it saves us from watering. But too much grey skies and pitter-pattering rainfall takes a toll on spirits. Makes one ruminate on things that usually would not enter the mind. I hope it will be a sunny, cheery day tomorrow.

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