03 October 2013

Good Ipoh food - list

Sometimes, one just needs a quick list for stuff you're looking for.
I saw a request on FB by someone who wanted a list of Ipoh food he could quickly refer to. Here's a list of some of my family's favourite dining places. Hope it's useful.

Hawker food

  • Kong Heng and Tin Chun in Old Town
  • Jen Jen on Jalan Tokong (off Jalan Kampar) near the big Kow Wong Ye temple 
  • Lo Wong, Ong Kee and Onn Kee famous Ipoh chicken, horfun and bean sprouts
  • Woolie food court and Tungku Theng (just next door) in Ipoh Garden
  • Yat Yat Seng in Ipoh Garden, same row as Hong Leong Bank
  • Hollywood in Canning Garden
  • Wah Nam in town (at the corner of Jalan Raja Ekran and Jalan Leong Sin Nam)
  • Cafe Central (opposite Wah Nam)
  • Kedai Kopi Taman Ipoh Timur in Ipoh Garden East just after the highway overhead bridge

Dim Sum street on Jalan Leong Sin Nam (3 big ones there: Foh San, Ming Court, Yook Fook Mun)

Indian Food

  • Pakeeza
  • The Old Andersonian Club (take 2  o'clock at the roundabout near Taman DR if you are coming from Ipoh Hospital)  (sorry I wouldn't really recommend Tandoor Grill: too expensive, too much gravy and too little meat)
Rice and noodles
  • Hoong Tho in Old Town ( row of shop houses opposite the famous Sin Yoon Loong white coffee place)
  • Ko Kee (in an alley called Yee Lai Hong,just opposite Kong Heng in  Old Town)
  • Mun Choong restaurant
  • Tuck Kee restaurant
  • Oversea restaurant (at the corner, opposite Excelsior Hotel)
  • 1919 restaurant (opposite Tesco in Ipoh Garden East)
  • Sun Marpoh in Ipoh Garden (same row as Maybank)

Western food

  • Citrus restaurant on Laluan Ipoh Perdana, Taman Ipoh Perdana
  • Secret Garden on Jalan Cheah Cheang Lim (across the road from Heritage Hotel)


  1. Helpful list for Ipoh folks as well as tourists. Good job....keep blogging.