23 January 2011

Leow Ah Ham's popiah

Ahh, this is an old timer indeed.

I remember eating his popiah with my parents when I was in Standard Six! Then we moved to KL where I grew up. Now I am living in Ipoh - funny how life takes a circle sometimes.

Anyway, this old timer has really aged. His hair is almost gone, leaving him with white wispy threads. Apparently he hasn't peddled his famous wares for some time, but he has now reappeared and sells his popiah in a lane behind some link houses. There is a bright yellow kindergarten there and the lane he has chosen also faces a T-junction (Jalan Keliling if I am not mistaken, intersecting with the road that will lead you to the Mobil Petrol Station and Pizza Hut traffic lights in Ipoh Garden South).

After dinner tonight, we finally stopped to buy Mr Leow's popiah. Unlike other popiah, his contains a myriad ingredients, the most unique being crab meat. Mr Leow operates from late afternoon until about 8pm.

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