12 August 2011

Nyonya Laksa at Yum Yum, Ipoh

There are 2 Yum Yum restaurants that I know of in Ipoh.

One is in Ipoh Garden South, which is styled as a coffee shop without air conditioning. It serves up rice and dishes, and is well known for its crab and other seafood preparations.

This Yum Yum we went to today is in town, a comfortable air conditioned restaurant that has been around for many years. A family-run place, it is very popular and well patronised.

I didn't feel like lunching at home today, so after picking up my son and daughter, we went to get Daddy from the office and together we went off to Yum Yum. He said Yum Yum has a special Nyonya Laksa set for lunch on Fridays which is very popular.

And indeed it is. When we got there the place was full and we had to wait, fortunately not for long.

While waiting, the children had fun with the little poodle who sits obediently behind its owner who mans the reception/ cashier table at the front of the restaurant.

The Nyonya Laksa is very rich, really lemak with lots of coconut milk and heaped with crushed fish pieces. It isn't very chilly-hot so most people would be able to enjoy it. My girl just wanted the noodles, which is the slippery white lai fun. Our Nyonya Laksa set also comes with water and a bowl of cold leong fun/cincau (Chinese black jelly). The set only costs RM6 per person - very very reasonable! My girl and her brother shared the Yeong Chow Fried Rice, which was also very delicious and fragrant - not many places can make their Yeong Chow Fried Rice with that unmistakable fragrance these days.

Well, looks like Fridays will see us at Yum Yum more often.

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