19 August 2011

Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea Face Mask

That elusive facial product that is just right for my skin is still elusive.

I so envy women who have normal skin that can cope with almost any brand of cosmetics, that does not break out if a new or wrong facial product is used, that can recover quickly from too much sun exposure.

I guess to each its own....my combination skin is sensitive and picky. If the moisturizer is too rich, my skin breaks out. If it is too light, my skin dries out. Too much sun, and the freckles pop out.

Right now, I am using Pangea Organics' Italian Red Mandarin Facial Cream, which seems to be getting along with my skin. Enough moisture and not too rich, doesn't aggravate my skin. I took it with me to Scotland and it still provided my skin with enough moisture.

Hubby then showed me this video that heaps lavish praise on Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea Facial Mask. I know, when you watch it, the presenter really does seem too OTT. But.......I asked hubby to buy the mask anyway.

The mask is really quite pleasant to use. It smells very natural and your skin instantly feels cool when you apply the mask on. You have to slap it on quite thick, as demonstrated in the video. Although I don't slap it on as thick as what the model does. I think the model in the video has got fantastic skin to begin with.

Well, after using this mask for about 4 times, I find that it does cleanse quite well, and gives your face a matte and an even glowing appearance.


  1. Hello there,

    May i know where to get this product in Malaysia? TQTQ

    1. Opening at Queenasbaymall Penang LG floor. Pangea Organic

  2. Hello!

    I don't know where to get this product from a store in Malaysia. I buy it and other skin care products online from a dealer on Low Yat Forum - he's very reliable and has a good selection of masks, shampoos, cleansers and supplements.

    You can view his product line and reach him at http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/782200. If you don't want to join the Lowyat Forum, you can still buy from him, his email contact is in the thread.

    Post your comment on how you find the mask here, if you get it. Or other products you buy!Enjoy...

  3. hello,

    how's the price like for mask? expensive?


  4. The Pangea Japanese Matcha Tea Facial Mask costs RM120. See my comment above for the dealer's thread on Low Yat Forum.

    It's really nice to use, and I have been using it 2-3 times a week.

    Here's a link for some reviews on the face mask, http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemId=100249/Facial_Mask_-_Japanese_Matcha_Tea_with_Acai_&_Goji_Berry/Pangea_Organics/Masks

  5. oooo, just realized Pangea started to sell in Malaysia too. Check their facebook/pangeaorganicsmalaysia, they provides free delivery too!! gonna place my order soon!

  6. Ok I'll check out FB and compare the price with my regular dealer's . Glad you found my blog helpful to introduce you to this brand of skin care!

  7. Hi Blue Mountain's Lover!

    I just checked out the FB page on Pangea. The Japanese Matcha Tea Face Mask is tagged at RM149.90, while the dealer on Low Yat is selling it at promo offer of RM120, inclusive delivery for W. Malaysia.

  8. Wow.. i have contacted the local Pangea's distributor, according to them, they are selling at the price of RM149.90 with next day guarantee delivery service if order before 2pm everyday. Do you waited long for your order? And how's the transaction like? Tq

  9. Hi, normally have to wait about 7 days since the seller works on a bulk concept. You can contact the seller at jcwc01@gmail.com for transaction details. It's quite easy.

  10. you can now get pangea organics product from queensbay mall penang, Lower ground, opposite manhattan fish market restoran

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  12. you can contact anmfastretail@gmail.com. they are pangea organics penang distributor if you are in penang. info@amaacki.com if you are in the rest of the place in malaysia.