25 May 2011

Jen Jen Restaurant

Having read the Ipoh Echo's food section, delightfully written by See Foon, we decided to seek out Jen Jen for breakfast one Sunday morning. With my daughter's finicky apetite, we were fast running out of places to eat.

As See Foon had enjoyed the char kway teow at Jen Jen, at least I could be sure my daughter would eat something!

We arrrived at 930am to a well patronised Jen Jen (if you are coming from the direction of the Store, take 12 o'clock at the MGS roundabout and turn left into a smallish road just before the Tow Boo Keong temple).

After a brief wait, we managed to secure a table and placed our orders.

The char kway teow was served in quite a large portion with lots of bean sprouts, prawns and pieces of lard. It was fragrant and definitely better than a lot of mediocre char kway teow out there. But I have to say, that we still like the char kway teow at the Hollywood coffee shop in Canning Garden, just a touch more than this one.

The kai see hor fun was a "pass". Somehow, I found the soup just a little too sweet. My kids' favourite kai see hor fun is still the one sold at Kong Heng in old town.

But my husband and I both enjoyed the mee yoke (har mee). The soup was bursting with the flavour of prawns and had just the right reddish colour. It could have done with a little more kangkung and slices of hard boiled egg. Still, it was good enough.

Well, this is certainly a coffee shop we would go back to for breakfast in future. Will sample the other fare next time.