18 September 2009

Samy Vellu is a liability to Barisan, says Dr M

I (and maybe you) continue to be amazed at the hypocrisy of our politicians and leaders, both current and past. Just look at the statements made by Dr M as quoted in the media:

If we look at other countries, whenever a leader fails, he resigns. In Japan he commits harakiri - how many BN leaders have failed, have lost the trust of the people, have been involved in scandals made public and undefendable, yet remain in high office? Dr M, how can you make this statement with a straight face and honest heart? Yes, in other countries, leaders who fail, who are involved in sex scandals, who have corruption charges, step down and resign and lead a quiet perhaps repentful life, but not here in Malaysia.

He said he had a right to criticise anyone for the sake of the Barisan, and added: "I've criticised Pak Lah, who's Samy Vellu that I cannot criticise?" - yes, in theory Malaysia is a free country with its citizens given the right to express opinion and criticize, but in reality that freedom is only accorded to the Dr Ms, Najibs, Hishams etc. etc. Anyone else criticizing too much would have the infamous ISA used against them. And does Dr. M have the grace to accept criricism hurled at him the same way he lambasts others so cuttingly?

He said Samy Vellu became popular because he (Tun Dr Mahathir) had helped him. He wanted to build a university, I persuaded the government to give a RM50mil allocation and I've helped in many more of his projects," he said - this is said with so much personal pride and smacks somewhat of "oh you poor thing MIC, since you are in BN, we just have to help you out". Should not BN, as a coalition of different parties, rightfully help to ensure that all the component parties are strong and meet the people's expectations? Obviously, there are no equals within the BN, and MIC certainly is the loser.

As an aside, I am not saying that Samy Vellu is not a liability.


  1. Samy Vellu is a disgrace to the Malaysian Indian Community. He is a leech who lives out of the sorrow and plight of the Indians. The Indians have been led astray by his devious designs and the pathetic lot seems to be still keeping him in power. This man is spineless and ruthless. He must step down gracefully or the Indians must revolt and pulverise his corrupt power base. It is also the fault of UMNO for turning a blind eye to his rampant corrupt practices during his tenure as Minister and now Mahathir has started to preach against him. Were they not birds of a feather?

  2. There should be educated and informed voting by the Indian community.....MIC is not the only platform nowadays.

  3. Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family members, 'KL girl now in Ipoh'!