30 August 2013

Tin Chun and Kong Heng - into a new era

Anybody who loves Ipoh food will know of these 2 great coffee shops, next to each other. One of them is also known as the House of Mirrors.

They are both famous for the trademark Ipoh kai see hor fun (flat rice noodles in flavourful chicken broth) as well as the sweet and cold egg custard. Other must-haves are the chee cheong fun, sotong kangkung, satay, popiah, asam laksa and fruit rojak.

The quality of the food remains good, 4 years after my family moved to Ipoh. But most tourists I dare say, would be disappointed with the food during the peak holiday season. Having to cope with the surge in demand from droves of holiday-makers as well as Ipoh-ites who have balik kampung, it is inevitable that the quality and taste of the food suffer. We stay away from these sought-after eateries during the holiday season.

Kong Heng has just undergone a paint job and a management take-over (it happens to coffee shops too). The BIG Group has arrived in Ipoh with Plan B opening up just next door to Kong Heng. (we have yet to try Plan B in Ipoh - I was frightened by all the bad reviews I read online)

Kong Heng was closed for 2-3 weeks and just reopened on 29 August 2013 with the same anchor tenants and some new faces. Kong Heng will also now operate in 2 shifts, one for the breakfast and lunch crowd, the other for the dinner and supper group. The night operations I believe, are in line to liven up this part of Ipoh Old Town at night.


  1. Kong Heng restaurant is my favourite visit every time I am at Ipoh. This changed one day when my family arrived at the restaurant late at 3pm and many of the stalls were closing. The chicken rice stall owner welcome us and we ordered from him. Bad experience started when the chicken rice stall owner deliver the food and my wife questioning the price inconsistency. The chicken rice stall owner clarify the price and become agitated, started raising his voice and claimed that we unfairly accused him charging excessive. I have to calm him down! He keep on raising his voice on us for a minute. I did not choose to quarrel with him as I do not want to show bad example to my daughter. His chicken rice is okay but the very poor service and attitude toward customer make us stop visiting to Kong Heng again. Other stalls in the restaurant services are good by Malaysia standard. The chicken rice stall leaves a very bad name to Kong Heng restaurant Ipoh. I do not think I am the first customer to get bad experience from him. I advise future customer not to question or argue with him in order to have peaceful meal.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. That kind of behaviour is not acceptable. As a consumer, we have the right to question price. You did the right thing.