11 July 2011

Thoughts after BERSIH 2.0 walk

The historic BERSIH 2.0 rally on 9 July 2011 has set into motion debate, thought, action and reaction to footage of what went on that day. All that the honorable PM Najib did not want to happen. After all, a thinking electorate can't be good, can it??

The lies, the half-truths, the shameful promise made and then broken by the PM for BERSIH to hold its rally in a stadium; the unnecessary use of the police as a tool to suppress and abuse a largely peaceful walk for free and fair elections by unarmed and non-violent civilians.

And for our PM to praise the police force in handling the walk with minimum use of force and professionalism is truly unbelievable. Video footage is everywhere - very clearly showing the police force firing tear gas horizontally and directly into the crowd of unarmed and calm citizens. From the videos, there did not appear to be any provocation from the crowd whatsoever.

It was the use of water canons and tear gas that caused the calm walk to disintegrate into chaos, understandably.

And the statement that there was no physical contact by the armed forces with the people? Such a blatant lie! Again just look at the video footage. The police can be seen kicking people seated on the ground. The press secretary, speech writer, personal assistant, whoever it is that writes the PM's responses should be fired! You can't deny the obvious, at least cushion Najib's answers to achieve some manner of damage control. Show some empathy, some concern, some pretense of feeling for the rakyat, PM.

True, in an ideal situation, street demonstrations are not desirable. Negotiations should always be the first choice. But that route has been shown to be utterly wasted upon our ruling government who have not the integrity nor the courage to mean what they say, to say what they mean, nor to listen to the people. They have shown themselves to be arrogant, paranoid and untrustworthy.

The PM and the ruling government say that Malaysia is a democracy. I do believe it is.


  1. The interview by Zainuddin to Al-Jazeera was for Bersih 1.0 lah. He is no longer a minister now.


  2. Hi Darren, yes you are right. It was during the BERSIH 1.0 rally. I have edited accordingly. Thanks.

  3. where were you in 2007 lah, that interview was the highlight, epitome of current power's idiocy

  4. Guess I was too busy with babies and work and not so politically aware yet, then!!
    But yes the interview was extremely amusing and embarrassing. I've always suspected more than 1/2 our ministers are not educated.
    Wonder what Zainuddin is doing now. No doubt acting as director for some co. courtesy of his "resignation package".