30 July 2009

Rakuzen @ Waterfront, Desa Park City

Ok, ok, I know this post doesn't fit under Food in Ipoh. But since I'm living in Ipoh, I don't think I will be blogging much about food in KL or PJ anymore. So, for now, I'll just slip this little article under the Ipoh Food section.

Ahh - Japanese food. Even my little ones like it. And Ipoh is bereft of any good, high end Japanese restaurant. I know there is a Sushi King in Ipoh Parade, which I have yet to go to.

Back when we were still living in the Klang Valley, we found this little shopping cum dining cul de sac area in Desa Park City, a relatively new and well designed neighbourhood. Prices for the properties there? Expectedly, high. The developers had included a little neighbourhood shopping area which I like very much.

Obviously Australian-inspired with its open-air parking, clustering of shops and eateries. The first time we were there, my son exclaimed, "Hey! This place looks just like the Woolworths in Adelaide near uncle's house!" Hmmm, so much for originality. But, it's still nice. Very open, airy and breezy. You feel relaxed almost immediately. There is a little Jusco supermarket there, a pet shop (which gives those spoilt toy dogs baths and a haircut too!), New Zealand ice cream, a DIY shop, pharmacy, Kluang Station (I think), a steamboat restaurant (which does excellent business) and our fav Jap restaurant, Rakuzen.

We have yet to be disappointed with the food in Rakuzen. My son eats a lot each time we are there, probably helped by the exercise as the kids love the little playground area behind the shops and restaurants. If you have kids who still like playgrounds, I highly recommend you try out this playground. It has some higher-end play equipment not commonly found in the other playgrounds. I'd say it's even better than Lake Gardens' playground, just smaller. So try out this place for a weekend evening stroll followed by dinner. I'm sure you'll like it.


  1. hi judy,

    will head over to desa park city with the little monster then. kay ell needs more of these eateries-with-nearby-play-areas! thanks!


  2. No probs Bon. Glad my blog was of use to you!! Drop by more often ya?