28 July 2011

Revisiting Chee Wah

Time really flies!

We had just moved to Ipoh when I ate in Chee Wah in 2009. And tonight's dinner is only my second time here!

But glad to say that the food in this very non-descript restaurant/ coffee shop is still very good.

We got there around 7.30pm and had to wait for our table to be unfolded and placed outside the shop at the side of the road. It was cool and breezy tonight, so sitting out is much better than sitting in the very cramped and not-very-clean-looking shop! Business was brisk and tonight Chee Wah was shorthanded.

Still, the wait for the food was not too long. Their signature dish of claypot loh shu fun (white and short slippery rice noodles aka rat tail noodles) cooked in tasty soup came piping hot. The server cracks the eggs into the bubbling clay pot at your table. Brother in law said he ate here 2 weeks ago and that time, the cook was not in top form as the loh shu fun's soup was not what it should be. Luckily, tonight, it was back in good form. My girl gobbled 3 bowls!

Their fried kuew teow/ hor fun (another form of rice noodles, this one is flat) deserves only a pass. Chee Wah does its fried mee hoon much better.
The last dish to arrive was the fried chicken wings, which was just off the fryer, nicely marinated and great as a finger food.

As we finished up, more customers arrived. Obviously, people don't mind the lack of presentation of the shop, having to sit outside on plastic stools with old cracked wooden tables. And to top it off, the food here doesn't come cheap!

The bill for tonight's meal for 4 adults and 2 children came up to about RM85! The large clay pot loh shu fun is estimated at about RM18, while the chicken wings come at RM2.40 a piece (estimated price because we didn't ask how much each item costs and of course, these Chinese shops never give you an itemised bill!). Wow, for that price, one could dine in comfort in a nice air-cond restaurant.

But, the food is really quite good.

(picture courtesy of motormouth http://www.j2kfm.com/tag/chee-wah/)

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