20 August 2011

Breakfast at Jen Jen coffee shop.....second time

This time round, the second time at Jen Jen, everything tasted better!

When we arrived at about 930 this morning, we managed to get the last available table. It was that packed on a Saturday morning.

My daughter likes Kai See Hor Fun, so I ordered that for her. The first time we tried Jen Jen, I wrote that I found the Kai See Hor Fun here not as nice as that in Kong Heng and that I thought the soup here had a rather strong sweet hint to it, perhaps too much MSG. Today's soup was much better, so perhaps I might grow to like the Kai See Hor Fun here after all.

The last time we were here, we forgot to order the blanched jellyfish that is also sold by the Kai See Hor Fun stall. I ordered it this morning, and the stall owner asked if I wanted it mixed with baby octopus too since they had it in stock today. Why not? My hubby loves octopus and squid. The dish of blanced jellyfish and baby octopus on a bed of bean sprouts, with a light soya and chilly sauce, was appealing to the eye, and super crunchy. It costs RM8, and was very enjoyable.

My hubby and I had the char kuey teow, fried hot with chilly. Ermmmm......yeah, it was nice. And the lady who takes the order for char kuey teow is pleasant and polite.

Actually, I found all the vendors in Jen Jen very pleasant and polite this morning!

I didn't realize the price of drinks has gone up so much!

We ordered one iced Milo, one hot Milo and one hot coffee. Total price for that was RM5.50. I thought I heard wrongly. I was so surprised that I had to check the price with the old uncle in charge of drinks. He is a pleasant old fellow and willingly explained the price breakdown to us: RM1.50 for the hot coffee, RM2.10 for the iced Milo and RM1.90 for the hot Milo. "No mistake", he said. Wow! Is that steep or what, for drinks!

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