21 October 2009

Teoh inquest: 80pc chance of homicide, says Thai expert (the Star)

I think the general public feeling and perception is that there is no way that Teoh would have committed suicide. The whole affair very much spanks of foul play and the MACC and the government have a lot to answer for.

It has been very unprofessional of the MACC personnel to say that he did not want to care or to know about what happened to Teoh, when he was alerted that a body had been found on the ground as it was not inside the MACC office.

Hitting and beating suspects or even volunteers under interrogation? Very well known, no matter how much the authorities may deny it.

Homicide at or in or very near to a government premise to a person who was just interrogated?? You draw your own conclusions...


  1. what the government is trying to do is deny every wrong doing as long as they are not caught in the act ! well ! you can prove all you like ! even Dr Pornthip say it is 99% that TBH is murdered ! still the MACC will not admit !

    That is the saddest part of our government of the day ! no accountability !

  2. Hi Edwin.
    Well, Malaysians have matured in their thinking, we are exposed to good governance and democracy in other countries - therefore, Malaysians who believe that our govt of the day has no accountability, has violated human rights (and perhaps done or sanctioned more insidious things), then VOTE for a change in govt. Remember to vote and get all your friends to vote, and for those who have not even registered to vote, please, do yourselves and the country a favour, register and vote!

  3. this is a very sad case.. all we can do is to pray for justice to prevail.. and i hope there will be transparency.. hard to gulp that down, right?

  4. Hi Reana, right you are. But time and time again, the govt has thwarted the truth and justice has not been served - Althantuya etc. etc. We can only hope, vote and increase awareness among all Malaysians. And may the spirit world give those guilty their just punishments...