07 June 2013

Honest Bus Driver

I had written about the honesty of the Japanese people, and experienced it for ourselves during our recent trip to Japan.

I am happy to let you know that the bus driver who drove our group home to Ipoh from the LCCT is also an honest person, and should be commended.

My little girl left her Barbie handbag in the bus. Unsure if she had brought her handbag down from the bus, we searched the house for a couple of days after we got home. Nope, nowhere to be found at home.  Must have been left on the bus.

So I called up Yoyo  the bus company we had used for our return trip to the LCCT. I didn't expect much, as I thought someone else would have taken her bag, the cleaner might have taken the bag, whoever.

I spoke to a polite young man named Jeffrey and explained the situation to him. He took down my number and said he would contact me after he spoke to the relevant driver.

He called me back after a couple of hours saying that the handbag was found in the bus and I may collect it from the Yoyo office in Bercham! Wow! I could hardly believe it. We picked up my daughter's handbag this morning, with a little baggie of chocs and sweets for the driver.

Honesty is well and alive in Malaysia.

I would recommend the Yoyo bus company if you are traveling to LCCT or KLIA from Ipoh. This is the first time my family and I have used Yoyo. The bus drivers are careful and caring, although they may look a tad grumpy. The buses are clean and comfortable, with wide seats that recline sufficiently for you to have a snooze (definitely reclines more than Air Asia seats).

If you are sending your maid back for a holiday to her native country (and if you trust her to travel on her own) you may also send her to and from LCCT via Yoyo. I have done that myself and my maid said it was easy and convenient. The drivers were also helpful and would give her advice about where to go, watch out for her bags, where to catch the bus when she returns etc.

The Yoyo bus company will also send you sms-es to remind you of your bus schedule and if you are late, the bus drivers will call you. That's good service.

(images from www.123rf.com  and daves-words-of-wisdom.blogspot.com)

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