16 September 2009

Road rage

I am a moderately aggressive driver. I use the horn and I flash my headlights. But I do allow drivers who indicate to cut in front of me, and I also allow drivers who are having a tough time turning at a busy junction the chance to do so. I'm not that bad, right?

Well, today while driving my son to school, the cars were as usual clogged up in front of the school, forming triple lanes on a very narrow road. I was moving in a lane that eventually would merge with the lane on my left. Problem was, this fellow on my left in a red Honda (I think Honda drivers have a problem) refused to let me merge. When I inched forward, so did he, coming treacherously close to me on my left.

So I had to let him go ahead of me and I slipped behind him. I of course, felt very unjustified. I showed him the middle finger, not really expecting him to see it in his rear view mirror. But he saw it alright! He must have been watching me, sensing my annoyance. He returned my signal, adding more of his own. It didn't make a difference that his wife or girlfriend (he looks to be in his forties) was seated next to him. I think if we had not been in front of a school, he would have got out of his car. Anyway, I've memorised his car number plate.

Fortunately my kids in the back seat had no clue what was going on. I felt ashamed too for having succumbed to feeling so pissed off with that guy to have to resort to such a display. I am as low as him...if I were a guy, I might be worse than him. Food for thought.


  1. good that you realize this... middle fingers, bad road manners are really unnecessary. unfortunately, many msian don't have 'manner' in their vocab.

  2. next time you need to release all those rage, think of mahathir and najib

  3. My advice to you is that do not horn or flash your light unless you want to give way to others. Horn and Flashing your light and showing your figure is a rather rude gesture and should be avoid at all cost. It might get you into trouble, what if the one you flashed is a gangster, then you would be in big trouble.

    So lady please stay cool all the time when you are driving and it not only that you would save your energy, you would be less depressed and safer in the long run.

    You should be yourself and not act like those uncivil minded folks. It is no point to get all hot up in such situation.

    Be cool and take care.

  4. Your are both right, Koolgeek and Pak Idrus. We should stay cool all the time, keeps us safe - but definitely not easy to do when faced with really unreasonable drivers. But we should try to be better, right?