27 July 2013

Children left in car - Vehicular Heat Stroke

We have all read about the tragic cases of children being accidentally left inside a locked car that is parked in the blazing sun - children too young to know how to free themselves and get out of the car.

The consequence of this, if the child is not discovered soon enough, is death as a result of heat stroke.

It is heartbreaking, a real tragedy.

How do we prevent something like this from happening?

For the parent:
No matter how busy or distracted you are, try to make it a habit to look behind you, at the back seat area of your car, before you leave your car. (Similar to advice for a lone lady driver to look into her car before she gets in, in case someone managed to sneak into the car, waiting to do her harm)

For strangers passing by the car: 
Be a busybody.
If you notice a young child inside a car in the sun, who looks distressed or is sweating a lot, and the car engine is switched off and the windows are shut, be concerned. Do something.

This video re-enactment is sure to move you.


A child was left in a locked car, with its engine switched off, right here in Ipoh.

It was very fortunate that firemen managed to persuade and guide the child to unlock the door. It was also fortunate that someone noticed the child in distress inside the car.

What was the mother thinking!

This news was reported here.

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