30 September 2009

Tainted politicians should exit quietly

I wholly agree with Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Wanita chief Alice Lee who said that "Politicians, apart from being capable and talented, must also uphold morality". To be in high office, and to even aspire to be a leader, one must be prepared to uphold integrity and honesty; to know the difference between right and wrong, greed and temptations; and definitely, when one's wrong doing has been exposed, to know that it is time to leave.

Leave so that the institution you say you want to lead will not be damaged by your (mis)conduct; leave so that you have some semblance of dignity left; leave so that your family will not continue to suffer in silence and plaster stiff smiles on their faces in public while parroting the press secretary's prepared text of "I stand by my husband/ father" but deep down inside they are revolted and disgusted by what he has done.

MCA has already suffered much in the 2008 general elections, showing signs that it may be considered wholly irrelevant by its former electorate. With Datuk Sri Dr Chua Soi Lek's unashamed exhibition of raw ambition and hunger to be chief of MCA, willing to do anything and to enlist anyone's help (Ling?) to succeed, what hope is there left for the party? What credibility or integrity or standing would a party that is led by a person whose misconduct has been exposed, admitted to, and embarrassingly circulated have? What standing would MCA have in BN? I would be highly embarrassed to be associated with such a party.

Imagine Datuk Sri Dr Chua giving a speech to our young people on the topic of interity or being a good family man? Could he? It would just take a sarcastic remark from someone in the audience to bring the house down in laughter or awkward silence.

It is tragic that Datuk Sri Dr Chua's personal activities were publicised in such a manner. And who does not know that there are so many more leaders out there who have less than desirable standards of morality/ fidelity. It's just that they haven't been caught in the act....and that too, is tragic.


  1. Being a politician is like being a good businessman. A politician does not need to be a priest nor a saint. What the politician does in his private life is his own personal affair. The politician ‘sells’ his political hooch pooch ideas to the people. If they like the ideas, they support him, or else move on to check out what the next candidate has to offer –‘ketuanan, or ‘kepuanan’ in flavour.
    If Wanita Chief Alice in Wonderland preaches from the high ground of morality, she must be outright naive or looking for cheap political mileage. When Dr Chua addresses our younger generation, he will be talking as an experienced individual. If some pervert had filmed Dr Chua’s romantic interlude, the pervert is the one who is a threat to society. By the way, is having sex considered a ‘misconduct’???

  2. Well, I'd like to think that having kinky sex with someone who is not one's spouse is not ok. The tragedy for Chua Soi Lek is that he got caught with his pants down - so the sad moral of the story is not to get caught, I guess. It's like the people who made the tainted Snow brand of infant milk powder - makes good money for the business, what do they care about the babies who died?