25 May 2012

Heong Peng Land in Gunung Rapat, Ipoh

Yippee! It's school holidays again. I think I am more thrilled than my kids.

It's taxing you know. We all get up together around 6+ every morning - they eat, I wait for them, then I drive them to school. There's homework supervision, and I tutor them in every subject except Chinese. During the just concluded exams, I made up mock questions for my Year One girl, and went through math principles, English composition and Malay karangan with my Year Five boy.

Today, I went heong peng shopping, at the request of my mom and brother, both of whom are heong peng crazy! Me? I have never liked the stuff!

I am told, and I have read on other blogs, that the most famous brand of heong peng in Ipoh is Yee Hup. There are many Yee Hup confectionery shops in Ipoh, and it is one of the Ipoh success stories. Hurrah!

But I decided to try out another brand of heong peng. So, with the help of Motormouth's blog and google maps, I set off on my hunt after delivering recess-time snacks to my girl. I was disappointed to find that Seng Kee Trading's shop no longer operates in Gunung Rapat. That place was easy to find. Not born with an in-built compass, I nevertheless resolved to find no. 177 Lorong Gunung Rapat no matter what! After almost 1 hour, I finally found it - no thanks to googlemaps which gave me wrong directions.

Just as Motormouth said, Seng Kee bakes the traditional way. So quaint! While I bought Seng Kee's heong peng, husband went to get Sin Eng Heong's kaya puffs and the 189 brand of heong peng, just for variety.

I love Motormouth's picture of the heong peng dough sticking to the traditional ovens, so here's his picture on the left. Looks like a tandoori oven doesn't it?

Wow! The Gunung Rapat area is Heong Peng Land. So many families display their heong peng signs (written in Chinese) outside their gates. Along the main Jalan Gunung Rapat alone you can find shops selling 189, and more homes selling from their own premises. It's interesting just driving around the area, now that I know it better after today's search.

Pictures from http://www.j2kfm.com and http://rasamalaysia.com/ipoh-street-food-ipoh-hawker-food

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