02 May 2013

Plumbers, other helpful (hopefully) contacts in Ipoh

Getting into a new town also means we have to source for help to fix leaky pipes, broken washing machines, etc. I scrolled thru some of my contacts in my mobile and list them here to get you started.

Oh, and I can't vouch for their quality of work, so I hope you won't be disappointed (or mad) after having used their services.

A Keong: 012 5185299

Washing machine
A Seng: 019 5704474

Lorry (we used to move our stuff from KL)
Nathan: 019 4364315

Lights (the shop can also change light bulbs etc for you if you don't fancy climbing up a ladder yourself, for a fee)
Hoover: 05 2548768

(image from mauiplumber.blogspot.com)


  1. You did a right thing. Leaving some numbers would be a great help for newcomers in the town.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Henry Jordan
    Hydraulic Sealing Products

  2. Hi Henry, thanks for reading. Are you in Ipoh too?

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  4. I just moved to KL and need a good plumber as I have a leaking water pipe.
    Have you tried A Keong yet please?

  5. Hi, would like to know if you have any good experience with local contractors (brickwork, windows, roofs) that you'd be willing to recommend? Highly appreciative of any help at all.

    Had a lovely time perusing your blog, thank you!

  6. Hi Lilian, thank you for browsing.

    Our house was built from scratch so yes, we used a couple of contractors. Do you still need the contacts?

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