02 April 2013

Have you got questions about moving to Ipoh?

I recently made a new friend. She was one of my blog readers and like me, had moved to Ipoh from KL.

Naturally, she had questions about the ins and outs of life in Ipoh. Having children around the same age as mine, she needed much the same information as I had sought when I first arrived in Ipoh. But back then in 2009, there was no blog writer offering friendly advice about Ipoh.

I have had several more enquiries from prospective Ipoh-residents-to-be, and I am ever so glad to assist in helping newbies to Ipoh transition as easily as possible. I only remember too well how I had to struggle to learn about Ipoh, despite having in-laws here.

This new section in my blog is for Ipoh-residents-to-be.

Welcome to IPOH!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have so much going on in my head right now, but I think utmost concern is finding school for both my daughters (aged 4 & 7).

  2. Hi Jen, how long more until you move?

    Your elder girl would be in Std One this year, so you will need to choose a school for her in Ipoh. As for your younger girl, it is not so pressing as she is still in kindy, and there are many kindies here. You can look at my posting entitled "Kinderland".

  3. I'm hoping to move at the beginning of the year, rather than half way. So I guess next year would be ideal but not sure whether that would be sufficient time. Am now looking around for house. And yes, have read your post on Kinderland. Sounds good. Will definitely be making a trip back to Ipoh one of these weekends coz the house is the utmost priority now.

  4. Hi Jen.

    Moving at the end of the year so that your kids start the new school year in the new school and new town would be best. That's how we planned our move. In fact it was around March/ April that I got into the more serious swing of moving - speaking to the schools, getting the paperwork, calling house agents, coming to Ipoh to look at prospective houses. So I think you should have more than enough time if you are looking to move at the end of 2013.

    And since you are an Ipoh native, that makes things slightly easier for you too as you already know your home base.

  5. Thanks. Still cant believe this is happening. And like you too, I'll be staying home to take care of the kids, which is a real major change for me. Btw, which school is your daughter in? I'm thinking of enrolling my daughter to Ave Maria but not sure if it would be do-able.

  6. Hi Jen.

    Mine is in Yuk Choy primary. Did u read my post about "moving schools"? I don't know if that restriction for transfer directly to a premier SJKC such as Ave Maria still applies today, as it did when we moved here. You best meet with the principal of Ave Maria when you come to Ipoh for your "scouting" trip.

  7. Thanks. Definitely will be making a trip back Ipoh one of these weekends to scout. How's yuk choy? Do you also have a tutor for your kids?me & hubby both are not Chinese educated so a tutor is a must. Btw, read your other post about not working. What a coincidence...once we move, I'm also quitting law practice...

  8. Hi Jen! Really? You're a lawyer too?? Too much coincidence, hahaha! So is your hubs an Ipoh boy too?

    1. Yup he is.so I guess you can y we're both going back to our roots! Haha.

  9. Hi, I have just moved to Ipoh early this year. I am also a KL girl. Can you recommend to me some good paediatricians here? And do you know where can I send my daughter for Musikgarten and jolly phonics lessons? Thanks in advance!

  10. Hi Elaine. Welcome to Ipoh!

    Paediatricians: there are many paeds along Jalan Leong Sin Nam in town and also the so called "specialist row" in Fair Park. We use Klinik Kanak Kanak Tang in Leong Sin Nam. You might also try Dr David Manickam in Ipoh Specialist Hospital.

    As for music, are you familiar with Ipoh Garden South? This is where you can find the Dance Centre (corner shop lot not far from the Esso petrol station) as well as several music schools. The names of the music schools slip my mind but if you take a drive through this little township you will see them. My girl learns piano at Musical Link (branches in Canning Garden and Bercham) so I don't use the music programs for very young kids.

    As for Jolly Phonics, I'm afraid I don't know. You'll have to ask around to see if this particular method of teaching kids to read has arrived in Ipoh. I know there are workshops etc on it in KL. There are the other usual reading classes here like Kumon. A good reading class for Chinese, that is if you are interested in sending your kid(s) to Chinese school is at a centre called MEB.

  11. Hi, thank you so much for the useful information. We will definitely check out those places that you mentioned. Really appreciate your help. Take care and have a great weekend!

    Btw, what do you think of Klinik Lim at Fair Park? We have been seeing this doctor ever since we moved here.


  12. Hi Elaine. I just remembered there is a music school called Oscar Music at Ipoh Garden East in the row of shops facing Kinta City. It is in the same row as Restaurant Sun Han City, towards the end on the right.

    I did use Klink Lim in Fair Park when we first came to Ipoh. I think doctors and patients have a "yuen fun", whether you get along or not. Haha!

    I found Dr Lim to be too serious and stern and not very interactive with children. Maybe it was just his luck at that time, but he did not diagnose my child had bronchitis! Another doctor, just a GP in fact, detected it. She is Dr Esther Khong in town. So I don't use Dr Lim anymore. But if you have a good relationship with him, by all means,continue with his medical care.

    Have a nice weekend!

  13. Hi, thanks again for your reply. Sure, will check out those places.

    Yes, you're right...talking about doctors you really need to have 'yuen fun' with them. It's either you like him/her or not. Well, i do agree with you that he's quite a serious doctor and not very interactive with kids. Always busy typing on the laptop to transfer patients info.

    Today my daughter was having a very bad cough so we wanted to give it a try to Dr Tang the one you recommended, unfortunately he is closed till 6p.m as we were there at 3ish. So my husband brought us to Klinik Pakar Australia. Well, my first time there and i think the doctor is ok.

    Anyway, thanks again for your help. Take care and happy blogging!

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