27 July 2009

My Facial Moisturiser

Like most women, I have been in search of the moisturiser that is just right for my face, for a long time now. When I was a teenager right through to my late twenties, I didn't really need a moisturiser as my skin was combination-oily and sensitive to a lot of the cosmetic lines I tried, even those that guaranteed that they were hypoallergenic. But, after having my kids, I noticed that my skin texture has changed, and the production of sebum has definitely decreased, thus becoming drier.

This year, I have stopped using the skin care products one would usually find in the cosmetics section in Metro Jaya, Isetan, Parkson or Jusco. Continuing with our interest in alternative brands that use more natural ingredients, my hubby ordered in Aubrey Organics skin care products for me.

So far, I have tried Aubrey Organics which has Vegecol with Aloe Moisturising Cream for sensitive skin. I always thought that creams would be too heavy and rich (which they were in the past) for me, especially in Malaysia. But true to Aubrey's tag that their sensitive line would be soothing even for the most sensitive complexions, I found the Vegecol cream to be light, easily absorbed, gentle and most importantly, my skin did not break out. However, to my surprise, I found Vegecol to be just a little too light for my skin. My hubby loves it on his face, though. And he usually hates putting anything on his face.

Next, my hubby suggested that I try Aubrey's skin care line for combination-oily types. So I tried their Blue Green Algae with Grape Seed Extract cleanser, toner, moisturiser and mask. Again, I am happy to say that my skin did not react adversely with the product and the moisturiser (an antioxidant formula) balanced out my skin nicely without being greasy. I liked the cleanser, toner and mask too. But the only thing I did notice, however, was a distinct tingly warm feeling I got each time I put on the mask. Very warm sensation - although there were no negative effects after.
After Aubrey, I am now using an oil-free moisturiser. I really like it, and will write about that next.

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