13 July 2011

JPJ Ipoh - a pleasant breeze through

I guess the advantages of living in a smaller city like Ipoh is the smaller population base, hence the lack of vehicular congestion and human congestion.

I had to renew my driving licence as it expires today, and although my car is not yellow in colour, still, I do not want to risk being stopped by an overzealous cop and have my licence checked. A good citizen we all must attempt to be, and of course fill our chosen government's coffers with taxpayer money, no? (which money also goes towards other govt agencies such as the police force, whose role is to protect the likes of you and me.....well, I digress. It's too soon after BERSIH 2.0)

Still nursing a very bad cough that has kept me up nights, I applied makeup so I wouldn't look like a wreck for my driving licence photos. That little errand took me 10 minutes once I arrived at the photo shop. Then it was off to JPJ, another 5 mins drive away.

I got a parking spot right away. I went into Block F of the JPJ, told the lady at the counter "Lesen memandu Puan" and she politely replied "Block A, that side". Oh, I see. So I trotted off with my strawberry umbrella from Cameron Highlands (my daughter's actually) and climbed up the stairs of Block A.

The lady at the information desk printed out my waiting number for me, but I was up next anyway. Gave the attending personnel my old driving licence, new IC and a photo (which looked quite good despite me feeling haggard from the cough) and got it renewed for 3 years, RM90.

I was out of JPJ in 10 minutes. As I walked back to my car I thought to myself that this was indeed a pleasant change from the long queues and wait I encountered in the Petaling Jaya JPJ office. Such is the price/ consolation for living in Ipoh now.


  1. you can do that at pos opis lah lady

  2. Looks like you have a special interest to educate me, huh Darren?
    Well, I needed to update my address from KL to Ipoh, and for that I need a new photo and have to do it at JPJ. No?

  3. Ops. I just realize I sounded rude and you sound offended. Sorry didn't mean that.