03 August 2010

Outrageous pricing at Nasi Kandar Pelita

OK - so the effects of the reduction in subsidies for sugar and chicken must be kicking in.

But I remember reading that the Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners’ Association (Primas) and the Malaysian Indian Muslim Restaurant Operators’ Association (Presma) saying in the papers that they would maintain their prices. Perhaps Pelita Nasi Kandar is not a member of either Primas or Presma.

While we were out at the Tesco in Ipoh, my maid had lunch at Pelita. She had, to be exact, half a serving of white rice, one curried chicken wing and some bean sprouts. Oh, and some curry sauce on her rice. No drink, mind you. Her bill? RM8.70

Tell me that isn't exorbitant. Beware next time you eat at Nasi Kandar Pelita.

1 comment:

  1. Well, it is a normal price at any Nasi Kandar restaurant here in KL. Remember She had Chicken and vegetable, if she had fish and vegetable it would relatively be cheaper. It is normal to pay some RM10.00 for a simple lunch including drink at Nasi Kandar restaurant. If you add any other dishes like sotong, fried chicken liver or prawn it would have cost including drink not less than RM20.00 or more.

    If you are going to eat at any Nasi Kandar Restaurant it would be wise to budget RM10.00 per person for a simple lunch. Remember anythings you add is added to the total cost.

    Well, that is the reality of living now.