25 June 2012

No longer Kalai at Kalai

My family had an Indian food weekend. Most people are amazed that my kids, young as they are, are willing and able to handle hot, spicy Indian or Malay food.

My husband and I merely view it as a matter of exposure. We live in a country that is lucky to be blessed with a people of different races, cultures and religions, and despite the mess made by politicians we are truly a blessed land, with excellent geographics, resources and a colorful history.

Back to food.....I love Indian food. Actually, I love all food! And I am so grateful that my genetics do not predispose me to putting on weight. So, from the time my children were in my womb, they have been exposed to Indian food!

On Saturday, we had lunch at Kalai, an Indian banana-leaf rice restaurant in the Little India part of Ipoh. My boy with his sharp little eyes commented as soon as we sat down, "why is the name of Siva-something outside the restaurant?" I hadn't even noticed.

 I asked our server about it and he rather reluctantly said that there has been a change in the proprietorship of the restaurant. It was no longer run by Kalai and was now run by one Mr. Siva Raj Kumar (I think I got that right). The restaurant still looks the same on the inside.

But the food has changed somewhat. The curries have lost some edge to them....can't say exactly what. But not the way we liked them. The "rasam", that sour hot soup you get in little stainless steel cups, was also not as tasty and sour as before. The prawn sambal was a bit too watery, and the mutton curry was a lot less meaty than how Kalai served it.

Oh dear.....looks like we have to search for our family's new favourite banana-leaf rice place now. 

And for dinner on Sunday, we somehow decided on Pakeeza, a northern Indian restaurant not far from UOB Bank and our favourite pet shop. This time we didn't over-order, unlike last time! We had white rice and puri to go with the palak paneer (cheesy mushy spinach), fried chicken, sambal squid, spicy fish cakes, ladies fingers and lentils, and mutton curry. I must say my children are excellent in their ability to enjoy different types of food.
(pictures courtesy of ifood.tv and ez2cook.blogspot.com)

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