04 August 2009

Honey Cempedak

There is a little place about 37 km north of Ipoh, past Kuala Kangsar, called Liman Kati New Village. Small village, small population. But there is a cempedak grower there whose trees produce "honey cempedak". Apparently the grower has quite a large clientele. Happened to pass by the new village so we bought a fruit back to try.

Its flesh is a deep yellow colour; texture is smooth and soft but not mushy; and its taste - honey sweet, like its name; seeds are small and rounded. Depends whether you like cempedak (or its relation, the nangka or jackfruit) as I know some people who are turned off by its smell. Same phenomenon with durians, I suppose.

We ate it as is and had it fried, as well. By the way, we could eat the seeds too - tastes like a nut. Just bite right through the seed. (I don't know whether you can eat the seeds of all cempedak varieties)

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